DIFC Courts Dubai: How They Can Help You and Your Business

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  • November 14, 2019
  • DIFC

Since its founding in 2004, the Courts of the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) has offered a common law-based alternative court system for commercial disputes in the UAE. The DIFC Courts Dubai has established itself as a unique, and popular, substitute venue for litigation, and is now being utilised more than ever as the preferred method for resolving commercial disputes between businesses and for individual residents.

What are the advantages offered by the DIFC for businesses and individuals? In this article, we discuss key reasons why so many choose the DIFC Courts Dubai.

The DIFC Courts Dubai’s common law court system offers an efficient and flexible option for commercial disputes.

The UAE uses a civil law, system which means that codified statutes, rather than previous court decisions (known as case law), are of primary importance when a judge is considering a case. However, many businesses are more familiar with common law where case law provides precedence and clarification rather than relying solely on statutes.

With the DIFC Courts Dubai, companies have a common law option in English that utilises case law, which offers a system most companies are more familiar with for dispute resolution. This option has increased in popularity year-on-year as more and more businesses opt-in to the emirate’s leading English language common law court system for effective dispute resolution that is actionable throughout the UAE and in many jurisdictions around the world.

  • A foreign attorney can register as a DIFC courts lawyer.

At the DIFC Courts Dubai, both foreign and Emirati attorneys can register as a DIFC courts lawyer with full rights of audience and the ability to fully manage litigation from initial filing to judgment. Many companies prefer this option so that they can include their in-house or preferred counsel in the litigation process.

  • The DIFC Registry allows non-Muslims to file and enforce wills.

The benefits of the DIFC Courts Dubai extend to individual residents as well as businesses. With a significant expat population comprised of almost every nationality, many residents have expressed concern about what happens to their assets upon their deaths.

Now, the DIFC Registry offers non-Muslim expats an effective way to make their wishes clear regarding their assets and, through agreements with the local courts, have their wills fully enforced, including real estate assets, through the probate process. The DIFC Registry process is efficient and straightforward with a DIFC courts lawyer able to help residents create the will that best reflects their desires for their assets and heirs.

As a firm with substantial DIFC Courts Dubai experience, we are able to provide clients with in-depth advice and guidance for both businesses and individuals. Our practice teams are staffed by experts who offer clients invaluable assistance discovering how DIFC Courts Dubai deliver effective solutions for professional and personal considerations.

For more information about how the DIFC Courts Dubai can help you or your business or to speak to a DIFC courts lawyer, contact Abdulla Al Awadi Advocates & Legal Consultants at +971 4 335 2200 or info@abdullaalawadi.com.

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