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The UAE has always been focused on diversifying its economy, two key sectors supporting this mission are real estate and construction. During 2018, in Dubai alone, real estate grew by 7.1% and construction grew by 6.3% compared to 2017, accounting for a significant portion of the emirate’s economic growth.

For individuals and companies around the world, UAE still offers a secure place to invest in premium real estate, with the nation’s property developers and construction companies offering exceptional commercial, residential, hospitality, and mixed-use options.

For those interested in exploring the UAE’s dynamic construction and real estate sectors, experienced and knowledgeable guidance is critical. By working with a professional real estate lawyer in UAE, all parties, from buyers, sellers, investors, contractors, developers, governmental entities, can ensure that their rights are protected and every deal is completed with the utmost confidence and care.

But how exactly, can a real estate lawyer in UAE help you?

  • Navigating Complex Property Transaction Requirements

Finding an ideal property may prove to be the easiest part, especially when considering the procedures required to initiate and complete the process. For example, though many areas in the UAE allow freehold purchase by foreigners, some developments are restricted to UAE citizens or are available only for leasehold. Moreover, Free zones may impose additional necessary requirements when completing a property purchase.

By working with a knowledgeable real estate lawyer in UAE, parties can avoid common mistakes that could otherwise disrupt a promising real estate prospect or new construction project. A team of expert legal professionals can guide parties through each segment of the process starting with negotiations and ending with closing and handover, ensuring a hassle-free transaction.

  • Supporting the Construction Process

Construction projects require extensive time, funding, and commitment, which in turn might cause several complications, such as multiple changes, delays, and disputes. From negotiating and drafting construction contracts to providing project support for managing claim prevention, risk management, alternative dispute resolution, litigation, construction projects require professional and experienced real estate lawyers, which will provide intensive legal support to safeguard each stakeholder and valuable guidance.

A professional real estate lawyer in UAE understands the legal and practical realities involved with construction projects throughout the UAE.

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