At  Abdulla Alawadi and Associates, we offer a relatively unique service in UAE, as members of our team of advocates and legal consultants are able to offer dedicated mediation services in English or Arabic for both civil and commercial matters, across a wide range of industries. 

Mediation enables parties to find practical and harmonious solutions to their issues. As the mediator, a member of our team works with each party to help identify common ground and key areas of concern and then assists with facilitating communication to reach a fair agreement. Once an understanding is reached, we can draft a final settlement, which can be filed in court (if required), and is as valid as a judge’s order.  

Mediation offers each party the opportunity to resolve their difficulties cooperatively with the guidance of a neutral, third-party mediator, and without the costs and lengthy timeline associated with litigation.

By creating a supportive environment for mediation, including offering guidance on the drafting of mediation clauses and agreements, we provide the optimal space to settle disputes amicably, preserving valuable business relationships. Mediation is confidential, which means that each party can feel secure sharing private or business-critical information without fear of disclosure. It offers the opportunity to avoid costly disputes, clarify expectations and prevent disruptive conflicts.

Because our team are legal professionals, they understand the rights and obligations of each party and how these can impact on the terms of the settlement. By working very closely with clients, we are able to keep them fully informed about the process and what to expect as possible outcomes.