Private Notary

Our chairman Adv. Abdulla Alawadi is authorized and licensed by the Government of Dubai as Private Notary.

This faculty has proven to be crucial as it enhanced considerably the quality of our services, in a country where an utmost importance is given to the notarized form. Accordingly, our clients will be able to execute documents and complete transactions in our offices (or at any other location), in total privacy and with flexible timings. Mr Abdulla Al Awadi will advise on wording, formatting and requirements and all documents are drafted, modified and issued in our offices.

Abdulla Alawadi and Associates is fully authorised to notarize the following documents:

  • Affirmations and Declarations of all types, including, in particular, declarations of claim withdrawal;
  • Agreements and contracts, including, in particular, companies’ articles  of association and share purchase agreements;
  • Minutes of board and shareholders’ meetings;
  • Company’s liquidation and winding-up minutes;
  • Legal notices and notices in general;
  • Powers of attorney, including general and special powers of attorney and their cancellation.