Companies never plan for a business relationship to deteriorate from a commercially beneficial arrangement into a contentious dispute, but sometimes parties simply cannot move past their disagreement. When this occurs, your appointed legal team can take certain steps to prepare you for the dispute and minimise any disruption to your business. To ready you for a legal dispute, the best law firms in UAE will:
  • Determine whether the opposing party has accessible assets to satisfy a judgement 
Too often, a company waits until litigation is completed before they examine whether their opposing party has accessible assets. A party can only collect what the court determines is due if assets are available in a jurisdiction that recognises their judgement. For example, obtaining a favourable judgement in the UK against a company with assets located in UAE can mean, at best, a long and costly process to execute and collect the judgment. The best law firms in UAE will help a client through the due diligence process of analysing the other party’s assets to understand whether the matter is worth the cost of pursuing.
  • Analyse and evaluate your contract
Any commercial dispute will ultimately be guided by two elements: UAE law and the parties’ contract. A well-drafted contract should contain a dispute resolution clause that outlines exactly what the parties should do if a conflict develops. However, the contract is, oftentimes, poorly written and does not effectively outline how the parties should manage their dispute. That is if there is a written contract at all – many companies in UAE still use verbal agreements, which further complicates matters when a disagreement occurs. Law firms in Dubai work with clients to understand their contractual terms, whether written or verbal, and outline the most effective approach to the dispute in light of contractual realities.
  • Review related documentation
Most likely, there will be some additional documentation related to the dispute, such as purchase orders, invoices, emails, receipts, etc., that provides additional information about the relationship and understanding between the two parties. These documents are an important part of preparing for a dispute because they can confirm or refute a party’s claims, provide critical evidence, support key elements of the contract, and more. That’s why the best law firms in UAE will request that you gather as much additional documentation as you can so that they can effectively support your claims with substantial evidence. Overall, when it appears that a dispute is unavoidable, consulting with a client-centric legal practice will help you save time and costs. Connecting with the best law firms in Dubai will prepare you and your business for a challenging time by giving you an experienced and knowledgeable partner who understands how to approach disputes effectively. To find out how we can assist you with your dispute, contact Abdulla Al Awadi Advocates & Legal Consultants at +971 4 335 2200 or

To find out how we can assist you with your dispute, contact Abdulla Al Awadi Advocates & Legal Consultants at +971 4 335 2200 or