Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Crime means an unlawful act punishable under the penal code of a country or jurisdiction. In the United Arab Emirates, a crime is defined under the Federal Penal Code and whose provisions are derived mostly from Shariah principles.

Although there are many different kinds of crimes, criminal acts can generally be divided into five primary categories: crimes against a person, crimes against property, inchoate crimes, statutory crimes, and financial crimes. Therefore, it is vital for any Criminal Lawyer to comprehend the nature of the crime to advise his client appropriately. Consequently, the term “crime” includes the following:

  • Physical & domestic violence
  • Crimes against human dignity
  • Drug trafficking, possession and consumption
  • Sexual crimes
  • Murder or attempt to murder;
  • Theft, robbery, burglary or trespassing;
  • Cybercrimes
  • Defamation
  • Extradition
  • Infringement of Privacy

With over 23 years of significant experience in criminal matters, Abdulla Al Awadi Advocates and legal consultancy has gained considerable expertise in representing clients accused of federal or state criminal offenses within the country.

The UAE criminal law constitutes the branch of law that deals with public wrongs of offenses and is divided into two parts, the substantive law and the law of procedures. The UAE Penal Code sets out the legal provisions of the actions recognized as crimes in the UAE and prescribes the penalties incurring for such acts.

The crimes are divided into three categories: Contraventions, Misdemeanours, and Felonies, with felonies constituting the most serious offenses. The Dubai criminal court is empowered to imprison, fine, and acquit accused persons charged with criminal offenses. The criminal courts consist of the Court of the First Instance, Court of Appeals, and Cassation Court. The Criminal courts are empowered to imprison, fine, or acquit the persons accused with criminal offenses in the UAE. Parties have the right to file an appeal before the Court of Appeal within fifteen days and further before the Court of Cassation. All the proceedings are conducted exclusively in Arabic.

Our team of Criminal Lawyers is committed solely to criminal matters within the Emirate of Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE. Using the most recent techniques, logical procedures, research information bases, and examination. We are ready for a prompt and compelling reaction to any criminal emergency with any client.

Our cooperative approach with exceptionally talented Criminal Lawyers allows us to help our customers by addressing their particular requirements with imaginative and critical thinking, immediate and effective results. We have the experience, information, and variety to adapt to any given situation.

Our Criminal Lawyers’ team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best legal representation before the relevant court authorities for the purpose of achieving the best possible outcome.

Considering our transparent and honest approach with our clients, we always encourage them to sign our professional services agreement defining the terms of the relationship between our law firm and the client, specifically the scope of services offered to them in this regard.

Our office undoubtedly understands the need of urgent legal consultation in criminal matters; thus, all calls and emails are promptly responded to, ensuring a complete legal guidance to all our clients without any delay.

Our lawyers are trained to handle cases from police investigation to prosecution and criminal court. They request bail, submit memos and pleadings related to all charges, especially misdemeanours and federal violations.

We guarantee that our clients are represented fairly, legally, and fully throughout the entire judicial and non- judicial legal process.

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