Abdullah Al Tahhan

Legal Assistant

Abdullah Al Tahhan is a Syrian National and works as a Legal Assistant at Abdulla Alawadi & Associates. With his legal background in Syria, Abdullah offers extensive knowledge and an understanding of the cultural dynamics that are invaluable in navigating the UAE's diverse legal environment.

He has completed a Master's Degree in Law from Damascus University, with a focus on International Law. Abdullah's legal acumen is further enhanced by an MBA in Human Resource Management and a Diploma in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs.

In his crucial role, Abdullah is instrumental in case preparation, working closely with senior attorneys on legal research, document drafting, and evidence collection. He contributes significantly to formulating legal strategies, conducting risk assessments, and providing astute legal advice. His proficiency in client communication is evident as he ensures regular updates on case developments and addresses client queries with the utmost professionalism. Abdullah's legal writing skills are a standout feature of his work, as he adeptly drafts memoranda, pleadings, motions, and other key documents to effectively present cases.

With his Syrian origins, Abdullah is fluent in both Arabic and English