Mahmoud Mostafa

Associate - Courts

Mahmoud is an Associate with Abdulla Alawadi & Associates. He has accumulated a wealth of litigation sector experience in the UAE, with an acute interest in rental matters. Mahmoud has previously worked on cases involving civil, commercial, amicable disputes and criminal matters. He has been instrumental in achieving positive results for the clients that he has represented. 

Furthermore, Mahmoud carries out legal research, consults with clients on various legal matters. He has in-depth knowledge of the UAE legal system, using this to successfully assist the team of legal consultants in the overall performance of cases. Mahmoud has had notable success settling, in the clients’ favour, prior to filing a court case – saving the clients both money and time.    

Having previously held a position as a Court Associate, Mahmoud has an extremely good working knowledge of the UAE court process. In addition, Mahmoud also has proficient knowledge of the execution procedures. Mahmoud assists the firm’s senior legal consultants in drafting pleadings; performing initial case assessments and investigating. 

Educated at the University of Al-Zgazig, Mahmoud earned a Bachelor of Law Degree.